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Terraform — Create an EC2 Instance

We can create an instance resource faster. In this example, we create variables for instance ami, type and name. And we call them in the instance file. We also add an elastic-ip to this instance. To do that, we create a “aws_eip” resource. If we don’t enter a content in the body, terraform creates an elastic IP but it doesn’t bind to an instance. So, we write instance parameter and call the instance with it’s instance id. So, our new instance has an elastic IP when we apply this configuration.

variable "ins_ami" {
default = "ami-000959cf06650d13f"
variable "ins_type" {
default = "t2.nano"
variable "ins_name" {
default = "ec2-instance-1"

resource "aws_instance" "new_instance" {
  ami = var.ins_ami
  instance_type = var.ins_type
  tags = {
      Name = var.ins_name
  key_name = "terra-key"

resource "aws_eip" "elastic-ip" {
    instance =


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