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Network Automation with Python and Ansible

About Course

  • 14-hour intensive course on Network Automation

  • Beginner-friendly with no prior knowledge required

  • Full access to all course materials for 1 year, learn at your own pace

  • Real-world scenarios and hands-on exercises

  • Interactive Q&A sessions and support from expert instructors

  • Opportunity to transform your career and become proficient in Network Automation


Course Description

Begin on a journey to Mastering Network Automation with our simplified and comprehensive course, designed specifically for network engineers like you! Dive deep into Python and Ansible to automate your network, reduce human errors, and speed up operations.

  • Simple & Practical: Start from scratch and progress to real-life networking scripts.

  • Focus on Python & Ansible: Learn the most preferred tools for network automation.

  • Industry Relevance: Follow the practices of network engineers from top tech companies.

  • No Prior Experience Required: Just a basic understanding of networks is enough to get started.

  • Cisco & More: While based on Cisco, skills learned can be adapted for other vendors.

  • 24 Practical Scripts: From SSH logins to plotting CPU levels, get hands-on experience.

  • 6K+ Happy Students: Join a thriving community eager to learn and share.

Learning Path

Part 1:

  • Basics of Network Automation

  • Python Basics 

    • Basic Python Functions

    • Data Types

    • Statements and Conditions


Part 2:

  • Python Modules and OOP 

    • RE Module

    • File Handling

    • Functions and Classes


Part 3:

  • Python Networking Modules

    • Paramiko Module

    • Netmiko Module

    • Telnet Connections

  • File Transfers and Plotting


Part 4:

  • 16 Hands-on Projects

    • Paramiko and Netmiko Connections

    • Ping Test

    • Collect Logs From Devices

    • Backup Configurations

    • Download and Upload Files

    • Plot CPU Levels and more

Part 5:

  • Basics of Ansible

  • Ad-hoc Commands

  • Ansible Playbooks

  • 8 Hands-on Projects

    • Collect Logs

    • Configure Devices

    • Save Configurations and more

Course Price

 ̶$̶ ̶2̶6̶9̶ ̶     $ 129

*Advanced Course Price

 ̶$̶ ̶3̶7̶9̶ ̶     $ 239

* Your Project/Work, Our Python Expertise, Together in a 1-on-1 Zoom Consultation! (1 Hour)

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